Little Mika Head Mold

Little Mika Head Mold
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  • Item #: DAG2001-1

Expressive child! Wonderful as boy or girl. Open mouth with molded teeth, squinted eyes. Flange neck. Sculpted by Linde Scherer, Germany. Article in August 2001 Dollmaking magazine.

Little Mika:Doll size: 16" (40.6cm), Head circ.: 9.5" (24cm), Eyes: 12mm
DAG2001-1 Little Mika head mold. Mold wt. 6lbs.
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DAG2001-A Little Mika Arm mold. Mold wt. 6lbs. DAG2001-LL Little Mika left leg mold. Mold wt. 4lbs.DAG2001-RL Little Mika right leg mold. Mold wt. 4 lbs.

P512 Body pattern. P042 Bavarian Costume pattern.

Price shown is for head mold only.

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Price $72.95